I, Mappillai

Mappillai means ‘groom’ in Tamil. This is an ode to the self-declared mappillai, who once caught a glimpse of someone he thought would make the perfect partner ever. She was, in all of 3.56 seconds, the most beautiful person in his entire world. Perhaps, next only to a Julia Roberts or a Michelle Pfeiffer.

The first sighting was at the suburban train station, just as she alighted and disappeared in the sea of humanity. In all naïveté,

this love-struck boy kept returning to the spot exactly at the same time, each day. Crowds milled around as the train pulled in, whilst

he scanned the disembarking batch at 48 persons per half second. Armed with nothing but hope, and an Ashok Leyland-filled fantasy, he lingered, always craving a blessing from Goddess Serendipity.

Meanwhile, during the day, he meandered aimlessly around the neighbourhood, just waiting to hit the station yet again. All through this melancholic saga, he received both, emotional and physical support, from his very first crush - the beloved Levi’s 501. Despite the daily dose of dejection, his determination to wed her never wavered. She was the only one, he told himself, who was made for him.

One tiny hitch though: She didn’t know he existed.